School leadership

School leadership training

In addition to teaching experience additional training is required in most European countries to become school head. Training programmes aim to equip future school heads with these skills required to carry out their new duties as school leaders. In most European countries these trainings for headship are offered but length, content and providers vary considerably. The Netherlands based NSO-CNA school leadership academy offers two accredited master programmes for school leaders next to numerous tailor made trainings. Elements of these trainings are also offered in international programmes and capacity building projects around the world.

International communities of practice
School leaders Furthering the professionalization of school leaders, international practitioners exchange is organized by NSO-CNA and counterparts throughout Europe. School challenges of working and dealing with diversity are informed by (international) exchange of school leaders’ working knowledge. They compare and contrast their work in different contexts and countries understanding the contingent nature of this work given the variation in national contexts. Ultimate goal of the exchange is to derive additional working knowledge of school leaders and improve their professional and school development.

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