Capacity building

International Capacity Building Projects

AO – founded 1953 – is an independent Netherlands based consultancy on meaningful change. Our work focuses on interorganizational collaboration in the field of public sector reform. Our approach on working across organizational boundaries in chains, networks and alliances is rooted in the now 60 year old tradition of Organization Development (OD).

Our international practice concentrates on transition in Central European countries and multinational collaboration in international NGO’s. Assignments are funded by Dutch, EU or other ‘technical assistance’ programs, supporting societal development in areas of decentralization, deinstitutionalization, interorganizational cooperation (networking) and the development of community based (social) services.

Our working methods focus on the improvement of interorganizational cooperation through the simultaneous development of ‘coordinative’ (task oriented) and ‘collaborative’ (social-psychological) aspects of interorganizational relations. An important part of our work is the training of ‘boundary workers’ who effectuate collaboration on the boundaries of the involved parties. At the same time we promote the institutional development of the organizational ‘home bases’ from which they deliver their important work. AO consultants generally team up with other Dutch as well as local experts in order to attain these goals. Over the last 10 years AO led or participated in consultancy consortia in:

Forensic Mental Healthcare (Romania)

Reforming institutional and organizational structures of the high security mental hospitals in Romania (local partner: Institute of National Economy – Academia Romana, Bucharest).

Download: Summary (PDF)

Youth care (Romania)

Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency in school facilities in Romania (local partner: Institute of National Economy – Academia Romana, Bucharest)

Download: Summary (PDF)

Youth care (Croatia)

Improving community based sanctions for youth with behavioral disorders in Croatia (local partner: Faculty of Rehabilitation, University of Zagreb)

Download: Summary (PDF)

Public Policy making (Slovakia)

Development of a ‘Master programme public policy making in Slovakia’ (with Slovak Governance Institute & Comenius University Bratislava)

Download: Summary (PDF)

Social Services (Bulgaria)

Provision of community based social services for people with intellectual disabilities in Bulgaria (partnership with The Passerel, Netherlands and Bulgaria)

Download: Summary (PDF)

Regional Development (Hungary)

Improving the absorption of EU Structural Funds for regional development in Hungary (local partner: Tempus Public Foundation, Budapest)

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Decentralization and community planning (Moldova)

Training facilitators for decentralized youth policy community planning (local partner: Institute of Economy, Finance and Statistics, Academia Moldovei, Chisinau).

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Cultural Heritage (Hungary, Bulgaria)

Capacity building for EU-compliance on identifi-cation and movement control of cultural heritage (local partners: Hungarian Cultural Heritage and Customs authorities, Bulgarian Cultural Heritage authorities, private sector organizations, Bulgarian National Heritage Foundation ‘Ferdinandeum’)

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