School leadership training

Schoolleadership - training programmes for headship

School leaders

In addition to their teaching experience in most European countries specific training is required to become a school head. School heads are faced with many administrative and leadership tasks so additional competences are required.

Training for headship

Training programmes aim to equip future school heads with the skills required to carry out their new duties as school leaders. In addition to this in most countries continuing professional development is a professional duty for school leaders. Most European countries offer specific training programmes for headship but length, content and providers vary. For more international comparison click on the image below for the PDF:
Key Data on Teachers and School Leaders in Europe. 2013 Edition

International cooperation

The focus of the Netherlands based NSO is on Schoolleadership and educational management. In the Netherlands NSO offers the accredited programme for school leaders: Master of Educational Management (MEM). We also provide numerous tailor made programmes. Development and implementation of programmes in Educational Leadership, including professional development (PD) courses that address country specific standards and situations as well as international frameworks and strategies.

More information on cooperation possibilities then contact NSO International office:
Mr. Frans A. Grobbe MSc (Head International office).